Show your audience exactly what interactions you’re performing in real-time as you present.

App Store Demos

Create an app store demo video where users can see your advanced gesture based interface.

Team Collaboration

Show your remote client videos of interactions that you’ve been working on.

Installing via CocoaPods

COSTouchVisualizer is available through CocoaPods, to install it simply add the following line to your Podfile:




To make the window change active status dynamically or to enable debugging mode, implement the COSTouchVisualizerWindowDelegate.

The first delegate method (-touchVisualizerWindowShouldShowFingertip:) tells the window to enable fingertip or not. You should return YES/true to enable the fingertip feature, or NO/false if you want to close this feature.

The second method (-touchVisualizerWindowShouldAlwaysShowFingertip:) tells the window to always show the fingertip even if there's no any mirrored screens (when returning YES/true). If this method returns NO/false, the window only show fingertip when connected to a mirrored screen.




You have the ability to custom the colors of the touch point and the ripple effect with three options: Fill Color, Stroke Color and Alpha.

Objective C